Toddler Daycare | 12 Months – 2 Years

Is your toddler at that exciting age where they’re just always on the move and want to touch, explore and grab everything in sight? It’s happy chaos, and we can’t help but love it! This is the perfect age to give them maximum exposure by sending them to our toddler daycare center in Overland Park, KS.

Our toddler daycare program is carefully designed to gear your child’s curiosity toward creativity and learning. Since your child is always on the move, we help them channel their boundless energy into play and movement-based learning. They grow and learn through their exploration and imagination; this is the best way to go about it—at least from a toddler’s perspective!

Our educational spaces for toddlers are designed to be fun, inviting, and nurturing. Your toddler will gain age-appropriate knowledge while learning social skills and building self-confidence! We have an excellent team of preschool educators who work with toddlers in groups and on a one-on-one basis to introduce them to basic concepts related to reading, writing, counting, and colors.

Our aim is to spark your child’s curiosity and help them learn in a way that appeals to them!

Why do Toddlers and Their Parents in Johnson County, KS, Love Ivy League Learning Center?

It’s More Than Just Teaching

We understand that toddlers are still very young and require special care and attention. This is why we have loving and supporting caregivers on our team who help ensure your toddler is comfortable and happy while they’re here at our toddler daycare center.

We Take Care of Their Meals and Snacks

We offer delicious and nutritious meals and snacks for toddlers while they’re here. We make sure all their dietary requirement and restrictions are met, so you don’t have to worry about a thing once you drop them off!

It’s A Great Head Start

While there’s still time before kindergarten, our toddler daycare program gives your child a great head start, especially as far as their emotional and social development is concerned. When your child starts with their academics, their fine motor skills and other essential skills and concepts will be well-developed.  

Indoor And Outdoor Play Options

We give your toddler safe and well-designed indoor and outdoor spaces where there can indulge in supervised and purposeful play to learn and make the most of their energy!

They Learn Practical Life Skills

At Ivy League Learning Center, we believe in enhancing your child’s self-help skills to equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools to help them throughout their life! We do everything from developing their independence to teaching them healthy social interaction!

Introduction To Circle Time!

Our toddler love circle time because it’s a chance for them to actively participate and engage! We incorporate everything from colors to music, numbers, visual cues, yoga, dance, and other fun educational elements in our circle time to keep your toddler engaged!