Pre School CARE

Preschool Program | 2 Years – 4 Years

Your child’s preschool age can be exciting but also challenging. This is when they start becoming more verbal and active than ever. Their comprehension skills significantly improve, and their social skills are really beginning to show. This is when you want to give your child a well-balanced routine and plenty of learning opportunities, especially with kindergarten drawing closer.

A well-designed preschool program like what we offer at Ivy League Learning Center in Overland Park, KS, is one of the best things you can offer for your growing toddler. It’ll give your child the head start they need in a more structured kindergarten program.

Our preschool teachers are focused on providing a flexible but resourceful environment for your child where they can learn with a slightly more structured approach. We understand that language development takes a front seat at this phase of your child’s life. Therefore, we use this opportunity to boost their vocabulary and diversify their language skills by introducing them to basic Spanish.

The preschool curriculum is created to provide your child with some much-needed mental stimulation. This helps spark curiosity and inspires imagination, helping them learn at their own pace and in their own unique ways.

Key Features of Our Preschool Program

Introduction To Spanish

Your child will learn Spanish at some point—why not start teaching them young? Learning to be bilingual from a young age can help enhance your child’s cognitive abilities. This is why we introduce our preschoolers to basic Spanish!

Speech Development

Besides Spanish lessons, we generally focus more on speech development and language in our preschool program because we believe this is a prime age for children to start improving their vocabulary and work on pronunciation and other speech-related skills!

Book Learning

We work on making the introduction to books fun and exciting for children. We promote learning through carefully selected books, but we make sure these become friendly and interactive experiences for preschoolers rather than boring encounters.

A More Comprehensive Curriculum

We have a well-rounded curriculum in place for our preschoolers. Our early childhood educators have developed research-backed and comprehensive lesson plans that help with foundational concepts and skills, including those linked to math, social studies, literacy, and science!

Indoor/Outdoor Play

Preschoolers have a lot of energy, and we help them use it for learning and exercise! We have well-curated indoor and outdoor spaces for children where they can play and have little adventures in a safe and supervised environment. This helps them build their physical and social skills!

Soccer And Dance Lessons

If you see your preschooler has talent as a dancer or athlete and want them to explore their amazing talent, build a new skill, or nurture a hobby, consider our soccer and dance classes!

Our preschool registrations are open!