Pre-k CARE

Pre-K Program | 4 Years – 5 Years

Kindergarten is a major milestone in your child’s early years, and you want it to be a successful experience. This is why sending your child to one of the best pre-K schools in Overland Park, KS is a great idea.

At Ivy League Learning Center, we offer an excellent pre-K program to help your child get a head start in the magical but overwhelming space that kindergarten can be. We’re focused on providing your child will the experiences and skills they need to navigate their early formal education years like the little pros they were born to be!

Our highly experienced and well-trained pre-K teachers help your child strike a healthy, growth-inducive balance between learning through play and instructional time. This helps children with discipline and other essential skills that help them in kindergarten and beyond.

Our pre-K curriculum is carefully designed to introduce children to academic learning in gentle and interactive ways. We believe this is one of their most critical learning ages, where they can quickly pick up on age-appropriate but complex concepts. So, our curriculum is designed to make the most of their naturally boosted learning ability at this age.

In pre-K, children learn everything from reading and writing to fine motor skills and math. We also work on their critical thinking skills and build essential skills through different methods, including storytelling, physical activities, theme-based learning, and technology!

This is the age where your child explores their inner creativity and the outside world, blending it all in one with their amazing imagination and sheer skill!

Why Is Our Pre-K Program A Must for Your Child?

It Will Challenge Their Ability

The pre-K curriculum takes learning to the next level. The concepts are no longer at the surface level, and learning has become more extensive, but we make sure it’s still aligned with your child’s natural learning ability.

We Get Them Involved in Arts and Crafts  

They Learn More Spanish

We have an excellent Spanish program for pre-K children. It introduces them to the language in a fun and easy way, and they diversify their language skills! By the time your child enters kindergarten, Spanish will come to them almost as naturally as English does!

We Have Theme-Based Curriculums

We believe in making learning fun and interactive while keeping it practical. This is why we have theme-based curriculums designed around seasons, holidays, and other traditions and themes. This helps children learn more about their world while also helping them retain academic concepts more easily!