How To Build Reading Habits In Young Children

A parent reading a picture book with their child

Are you an avid reader? If you’re someone who has grown up reading, chances are that you want your children to explore all the amazing stories you grew up with and have all the adventures you’ve enjoyed from the comfort of your reading nook.

But while cultivating a love for reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime and fuels your child’s imagination for years to come, it’s not easy to get kids to choose books over their tablets in this digital age. But don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Here’s how you can try to inculcate reading habits in your children early on.

Start Super Early

One of the best ways to instill a love for reading in children is to start early and lead by example. Surround your child with books from an early age and make reading a regular part of their daily routine.

Even when they’re babies and can’t read by themselves, introduce them to books just like you introduce them to other toys. You can pick out baby books and read them out loud even when they can barely understand the words. Try to keep the baby engaged merely through your voice, tone, and expressions!  

Then, as they grow older, you can create a cozy reading corner in their room and fill it with age-appropriate books that align with their interests.

Find Ways To Make Reading Interactive And Fun For The Kids

A parent reading a picture book with their child while sitting outdoor

To engage children in reading, it’s important to make the experience fun and interactive. Choose books that are visually appealing, colorful, and filled with captivating illustrations. You can also try to look for books that incorporate interactive elements such as lift-the-flap, touch-and-feel features, or pop-ups.

Additionally, explore different genres and let your child’s interests guide the book selections. Encourage them to actively participate in the reading process by asking questions, making predictions, and discussing the story or characters. Consider organizing book-related activities such as creating crafts, role-playing, or even hosting a book club with their friends. By infusing reading with fun and interactive elements, you make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for your child, and that is what keeps them coming back for more!

Create A Reading Culture in Your Home

Creating a reading-friendly environment in your home can significantly impact your child’s reading habits. Designate a quiet and comfortable space specifically for reading and provide access to a wide range of books, including fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and picture books.

Visit libraries and bookstores together to expose your child to a variety of reading materials and encourage your child to choose books they are genuinely interested in rather than forcing specific titles upon them.

Also, set aside dedicated reading time each day where the entire family can participate. When children see their parents and older siblings engrossed in books, they’re more likely to view reading as an enjoyable and valuable activity. By modeling a reading habit, yourself, you not only inspire your child but also create a positive reading culture at home!

The right early education programs, like the ones we offer at Ivy League Learning Center, can also help build better habits in children, including reading habits.

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