The Top 3 Benefits Of Learning A Second Language At A Young Age

A preschool classroom

While many elementary schools have Spanish lessons nowadays, many studies show that it’s better to start even earlier—during your child’s preschool period.

When children are younger, it’s easier for them to learn a second language; their brains a very good at retaining new information at this age. But second languages for children aren’t just a matter of ease. According to experts, learning a second language at a very young age has some incomparable benefits—here are some for you to consider.

Better Brain Function

Learning a second language at a young age is great for brain development—it’s like a little workout for the brain. While learning a new language and becoming bilingual, your child will automatically adapt to multitasking and will learn to concentrate and plan better.

According to some studies, children who are taught a second language at an early age have more grey matter in the brain and are, therefore, better at things like sensory perception, memory retention, processing information, and speech-related functions.

Better Comprehension Skills

A toddler with a book in front of them

Some child development experts believe that knowledge of a second language can help a child when they’re learning to read. Moreover, a child’s comprehension skills are understandably better when they know a second language since they not only have a better word bank but they can also understand and compare two different languages.

When children can say the same things in two different languages, they’re able to think about the different grammatical rules and other lingual concepts, making them better at both languages.

It Gives Your Child Intellectual and Cultural Exposure

One of the most amazing things about teaching children a second language is the exposure they get. Not only do children get intellectual exposure, as highlighted above, but they also get some incredible cultural exposure that allows them to develop empathy and confidence.

Bilingual children learn to appreciate and embrace differences at a young age, and this can help them become friendlier as children and even better adults as they meet new people.

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