Myths About Daycare Facilities That Aren’t Helping You At All

A child playing with blocks

Have you been mulling over the decision to send your child off to a daycare center? We get it; it’s not an easy decision, and the million daycare misconceptions don’t make it any easier.

However, the right daycare center can be a game-changer for your child. But before you go looking for the perfect daycare, dispel these myths from your thoughts.

Myth No. 1: Daycare Centers Aren’t Affordable

Reality: The truth is all great things do cost something. Most daycare centers have well-designed physical spaces that offer maximum comfort and safety to children. Additionally, they may offer a well-trained and experienced staff, as well as other necessities such as food and other learning material for children. It does require a significant amount of funds to maintain these facilities.

That said, not all daycare centers are super expensive; you will almost always find something within your budget. Moreover, when compared to the cost and shortage of nannies country-wide, daycare is a more affordable option for working parents. They’re also safer and offer a nurturing, growth-inducive environment.

Myth No. 2: Food Served at Daycare Facilities Is Unhealthy

Reality: This is also a common myth when it comes to daycare facilities, and it has some basis in reality. However, it’s important to understand that since daycare facilities are private establishments, they’re all different and aren’t run the same way.

So while some daycare centers may serve children unhealthy food, the best ones usually don’t. They have carefully curated menus that are created by children’s nutritionists and dietary experts. The meals that are served are also aligned with child-specific dietary requirements and restrictions.

Myth No. 3: Daycare Is Just Endless Playtime

A child on a bicycle

Reality: This is an interesting misconception to debunk because it relies on one’s perception. Many activities that may seem like play to an average person may be designed by early childhood educators for the purpose of development.

So, at a daycare facility, your child may be learning a lot through play. Additionally, many things children learn at daycare may not even be part of the main curriculum, such as social interaction, for example!

Still not convinced?

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