Debunking The 3 Most Common Myths About Preschool

A preschool classroom

Preschools have become more common today than when we were kids. This may make you wonder about the hype created around preschools and whether they’re even worth it.

And let’s be honest; we’ve all heard plenty of myths about preschools, ranging from they’re too expensive to they’re too unnecessary. The truth is, without having attended a preschool, it really isn’t fair for us to judge and question the entire idea of preschools, is it?

As industry leaders, we understand how a good preschool can transform childhoods and generations, so we figured we’ll dispel some common preschool-related myths for you.

Myth No. 1: Preschool Is the Same as Babysitting

Reality: This is one of the most common misconceptions about preschools; they’re grouped with daycare centers. This isn’t entirely correct, though, because while daycare centers are typically focused on providing supervised care to infants and toddlers, preschools have comprehensive curriculums geared at helping your child’s early learning and development.

So, preschools are much more than daycare, with highly qualified teachers, immersive environments, and educational activities to help them grow emotionally and socially. Your child may also develop important motor skills and other essential physical skills at a preschool.

Myth No. 2: Preschool Education Doesn’t Count in Later Years

Reality: Many people also seem to believe that preschool curriculums are not in sync with the curriculums that follow as children move on to kindergarten. Therefore, the effects of all that learning just fade away. This myth comes from a place of unawareness. Most preschool curriculums focus on skill development and other learning essentials. These serve as handy tools throughout one’s life.

Countless studies show preschool kids doing better in school than kids who haven’t been to preschool.

Myth No. 3: Preschools Don’t Have Set Curriculums or Comprehensive Programs

A teacher and student in a preschool

Reality: Preschool is more than just playing and napping. Many people think that children are just singing poems and playing at preschools—this is only partially true. While preschools have a lot of play-based learning, they are also following proper curriculums.

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